bandar poker – What are the chances of winning keno lottery with multiplier at judi poker website. If you are playing keno lottery at then you have a chance of winning approx 1 million dollars if you play the lottery with the multiplier. In this game, there are several other gambling games too that you can play and make a lot of money. There are several card games, slot games and multiple types of Bandar poker available on this website. You have high chance of winning this lottery game if you are playing with the multiplier. So it is always recommended to play with the multiplier.

bandar poker

  • You can purchase a multiplier and then your chances of winning wool increase approximately 10 folds.
  • When a draw is made in the game then a multiplier of 1,2,3,4,5 or might be 10 is selected by the computer.
  • If you win the lottery then your amount Will be completely multiplied by the multiplier that you purchase.
  • The cost of purchasing a multiplier is same as the cost of the wager and it is double the cost of your keno ticket.
  • In some cases, the winner gets the prize amount as well as multiplier amount on a pari-mutuel basis and this can be lower than the published levels.

How to find out if you have won the lottery on

To know about the winning amount and whether you have won or not, you must check the website and follow the below-mentioned steps too.

  • You must scan your ticket on the mobile app or the website of the keno lottery.
  • You can also check the winning numbers that are mentioned on the website.
  • Watch all the drawings.
  • Check whether the drawing numbers correspond to the numbers mentioned on your ticket or not.
  • If the numbers match then you have won and now you can claim your prize.

Rules for claiming the prizes :

    • After a draw, the prizes must be claimed within 180 days.
    • Play slip cannot be considered as evidence of wine.
  • For getting the prize amount a valid and exact ticket needs to be produced.